1. One , two three
  2.  Take off my shoes, clothes, cap, scarf
  3.  Numbers- Uncle Buncle’s house
  4. I see
  5. I like my Home- Homes of animals short story with visuals. There are tools and options for  f listening and repeating, chants, retelling by looking at the picture
  6. Big and little through a story The Giant and the Boy
  7. Who am I? Riddles in audio with delightful animation
  8. Can and can’t with movement words in animated audio story
  9.  Animal sounds  in an animated audio story
  10. Feelings and  emotions  of Teddy
  11. Weather chart.. today is…
  12. About stripes  the Pajama Party  ( drawing parallels)
  13. Sea animals
  14. Look out for the shark
  15. No, you can’t
  16. Ice cream
  17. I am brave
  18. Bread
  19.   Phonics for class I with audios
  20. Means of transport
  21.  Illustrated  Story for Describing Words  Big, Small, Tall , Wide  , Short
  22. Prepositions

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